Below are a few examples of the work I've done promoting major set pieces on social media for John Key, Bill English, and the National Party.

Budget 2016 - Overview animated video

A short animated overview video of the themes and key policies of Budget 2016. While I didn't do the animations for this clip, I came up with the concept, worked with the graphic designers to storyboard and script it, and helped project manage it and the supporting collateral for it.

Safer Communities Package - Overview video

Announced on the same day as the National Party launched refreshed branding, the below clip was designed to be able to convey key messages on mobile devices without requiring the device's sound to be on, as some 50% of videos are watched on Facebook without the sound, and around two thirds of people access Facebook via mobile devices.

Thank you John Key card

Following John Key's resignation as Prime Minister, I proposed that a digital thank you card campaign be run. While the website is long gone, the campaign was an overwhelming success, with more than 30,000 people signing their name to thank John Key.

Thank You John Key Website Screen Grab.PNG

Budget 2017 - Overview video

As well as communicating the announcements of Budget 2017, it also provided an opportunity to continue building Bill English's personal brand. To that end I put together the below clip to give a high level overview of the key themes of Budget 2017 in a way that meant the video could be effective with or without the audio track, and but cut up into its individual components for easy reuse for advertising.

The 2017 election as explained by social media

As a bit of fun and as a promotional exercise, I put together the below clip inspired by the various branding and commentary I saw on social media about each party and its leaders. 

Breakfast interview - the impact of political social media

Prior to the election I was invited onto Breakfast to chat with Jack Tame about the impact of social media on the 2017 election campaign, and about spaghetti on pizza, walk-runs, and Budget Day pie polls.

You can also find more of my work on John Key's and Bill English's social media profiles between May 2014 and June 2017, so if you swing by their Facebook pages or Twitter profiles you can check out some of my work, and likewise for the National Party prior to February 2017.

I also enjoy doing a bit of scenic photography and graphic design. I own the copyright on all the below images and designs, so please respect that.



My wife's Nana and Granddad used to have a fantastic property up the Gladstone Valley out the back of Levin. Over 20 odd years they built it up to be a paradise for native bird life, including digging out two lakes that were fed by a stream that ran beneath their house. Whenever we visited them we'd go for a walk around the lakes to spy on the bird life, and be followed by cheeky robins and very plump wood pidgeons. 


Russell Sunset

Being a history nut, I loved spending New Year's at Russell in the Bay of Islands. Our accommodation had the most amazing view across towards Paihia and Waitangi. An amazing part of the world that needs to be made more accessible to New Zealanders.



I first went to Queenstown when I was about 14. It was a flying visit with Air Cadets. We stayed at a local campground and were literally there one night, gone the next. We made spaghetti bolognese with two minute noodles. A few years ago I decided to make a more contemporary memory here, and surprised my then girlfriend with a mystery weekend down here, where I proposed to her. Thankfully she said yes!


Salt and pepper cafe

If you're passing through Levin, just past Ohau (or before Ohau if you're southbound) is a great little cafe called Salt and Pepper. It's run by our in-laws, and we couldn't be prouder of their little venture. They're both hugely passionate about tasty food, great service, and a warm atmosphere, and helping them get their cafe off the ground a couple of years back was an awesome experience. Given my experience was in FMCG retail rather than hospitality, I was the dishy for the opening weekend, I also got to sample and photograph their menu. The open chicken sandwich is to die for.


Cape Palliser

I love New Zealand's coastline. It amazes me how we go from having pristine beaches that wouldn't be out of place in a tropical island resort brochure, to having places like Cape Palliser. At the mercy of the wind, rain, waves, and tectonic plates, hardy Kiwis still make a living out here in one of the most starkly beautiful locations in the world.


Tea break

A year ago I set myself a challenge of learning how to use Adobe Illustrator. I was a bit of a Photoshop junkie, but was falling victim to the tyranny of pixel based images rather than vectors. The above was the result of my first decent play around with Illustrator. I'm still a long way off from calling myself a true graphic designer, but I'm not completely lost anymore either.


Mika and friends

Off the back of a work project, I somehow ended up with a collection of pets and farm animals as designs on Photoshop. I still need to turn them into Illustrator vectors, but in the meantime the cat, sheep, cow and dog feature on the wall of my son's nursery. The pig is a recent addition, and I'll be looking to add a few more farmyard critters to the designs when I get a chance.